Air Cannon


SIMATEK produces a complete series of air cannons to dislodge all types of dust which stick to the walls of the hoppers and the bottom of the silos. These devices are more efficient than <fluidification> and <vibration> systems especially with particularly sticky dust. The air cannons consist of two basic elements: the first is the SIMATEK diaphragm valve with an extremely high flow rate and the second is an air accumulator. The valves are quick-opening and discharge instantaneously the pneumatic energy of the tank on which they are mounted, striking the material to be dislodged with a violent impulse of compressed air. A strong vibration spreads to all parts of the product, causing the dust to fall, without stressing the silos structure. The air cannons are available in 5 versions:

• ACN10 diaphragm valve (1") ~ 10 litre

• ACN15 diaphragm valve (1") ~ 15 litre

• ACN25 diaphragm valve (1-1/2") ~ 25 litre

• ACN50 diaphragm valve (2") ~ 50 litre

• ACN75 diaphragm valve (3") ~ 75 litre

Top Cover Die-Cast Aluminium
Body Die-Cast Aluminium
Bolts and Screws Zinc Chromium
Air Accumulator Carbon Steel



• The anchorage feet must always be fixed before supplying the tank compressed air.

• Before dismantling the tank cut the supply of compressed air and carry out blasts of air untill the tank is completely empty.

• Supply with compressed air filtered, oil free and reduced with a maximum pressure of 7.5 bar.